Flight of the Week
Flight of the Week 7/10 -1/16
July 13, 2017
Boubon Room Name that Tune

Name That tune

Every Wednesday Night, 9-11 PM

Name that Tune is an interactive bar game hosted every Wednesday night at the Bourbon Room in Saratoga. Do you know a lot of music? If you do, you may be able to win free drinks, prizes, and swag for playing.

How it’s played

The host will play a minute of a song. You must write down the correct name and artist (Without cheating!).

Seven songs will be played in the round, as well as a bonus question.

Each round has a theme (Songs about electricity, Disney songs, 80’s hard rock, etc.).

At the end of the round, the highest scoring team receives a drink chip and a prize from one of our sponsors.

Drink Specials

Thinking of coming out and participating? We have drink specials during the game each week. Stella Artois is $4, Bulleit boubon drinks are $5, and we also have $4 Pineapple Express Shots.